Subscription Fee :: $220/month

  • Your site will be set up as copy of the My Locker Site demo site.
  • If you already own a domain, the site will be set up on that domain or on a subdomain (for example:
  • The site, invoice and questionnaire will be updated to use your existing logo, colors and contact information.
  • The questionnaire will be available to link to from your main website or the button can be changed to link to a pre-existing questionnaire if you already have one.
  • If you are using SMS messaging, assistance will be provided to set up your Twilio account and connect it to your My Locker Site.

Additional Changes / Unique Customizations*
(see the link below for a full description)

  • Additional changes are not included in the monthly fee. Some examples include:
    • Changes to the questionnaire fields/form.
    • Changes to the cut sheet.
    • Changes to the invoice outside of the logo and contact info – for example: size, layout, moving logo to top instead of bottom, etc.
    • Changes to or set up of new cut types, pricing, etc.
  • Unique customizations are also available. The cost for each request will be estimated and quoted to scope the details of each change. Some examples include:
    • Changes to the SMS setup beyond what’s outlined above.
    • Changes to the pricing structure.
    • Changes to the calendar, order structure, etc.
    • Additions of new features.

Additional Monthly Fees

  • SMS Messaging (optional): approximately $15-50/month (1/10th of a penny per text)


  • A training from My Locker Site is included in the initial setup. Additional training is available through Intellicom for a fee.
  • You will also have access to our Facebook group where any new ideas or innovations will be shared and collaborated on.


* See a breakdown of the full project details and costs here.

"Big change is never easy, but in short time the crew grew to love it."

– Dustin Frey

Albion Locker

"It is worth it, even if all I used was the calendar!"

– Charlie

Wahoo Locker

"This program is a must have for any shop looking to streamline their operation. Customers like the freedom of completing their instructions at their convenience, and you will like the countless hours it saves you on the other end!"

– Harold Colby

Midwest Meat Company

"My Locker Site has been a blessing, we finally did away with our paper cut cards and now have something that everyone can read. We are saving time and making less cutting errors. The auto messaging has also gotten instructions called in quick and meat picked up faster!"

– Tom Hruby

MK Meats

"We slaughter twice as much beef now that we have My Locker Site, and we spend less time on the phone and doing paperwork than before."

– Casey

Belschner Custom Meats

"I went from cutting instructions on note cards to monitors in three weeks. The whole process went really smoothly."

– J. Coats

Grant Packing

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Belschner Custom Meats

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